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Road freight transport has never been more competitive. This is eating into profit margins and sharpening your focus on operational efficiency. At the same time, increased regulation has made duty of care responsibilities more challenging.

Driver safety is top of mind, so fatigue, unsafe driving and a lack of procedure are all causes for concern.

Fortunately, your vehicles produce vast amounts of valuable data that will help you tackle these challenges and get a step ahead of your competitors.

With the right technology in place, your trucks can offer useful insights on everything from driver behaviour, fuel use, routes travelled and time spent at the wheel.

Connecting your trucks and vehicles will help you to make sense of these insights so you can drive down costs and increase productivity, while making sure your drivers are safe and your business is compliant.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can analyse business performance, predict trends and unlock greater efficiency across your entire fleet.

Driver Behaviour

Improve fleet safety with real-time alerts and historical data on driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking.

Capturing driver behaviour data helps create a safer fleet.

The ability to replay incidents will allow you to build a clearer picture of unsafe driving habits like speeding, while real-time alerts mean drivers can make corrections on the spot.

This will also reduce fuel bills and maintenance costs caused by idling, speed or harsh braking.

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Fatigue Monitoring

Keep your drivers safe and compliant with electronic logbooks that monitor work and rest hours in real time.

Driver fatigue is difficult to monitor around the clock, but it’s crucial for ensuring driver safety and business compliance.

Electronic logbooks allow you to monitor real-time work and rest hours, while capturing data to easily generate historical reports.

Audible and visual alerts are automatically sent to drivers when they breach fatigue rules so they stay safe, productive and legally compliant..

Workplace Health & Safety

Every vehicle is a workplace. Our solutions help you meet your duty of care responsibilities.

Every vehicle in your fleet is legally considered a workplace, imposing a strict duty of care on your business to ensure the wellbeing of every driver.

To help prevent fatigue, electronic work diaries will match time spent behind the wheel with rest breaks so drivers stay safe.

Unsafe behaviours like speeding will also be captured so you can address the issue straight away.

Vehicle Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance schedules ensure you never miss a service, reducing risks and costs.


A preventative maintenance schedule based on running hours, or tied to specific dates, will make sure you never miss a service, reducing the risk of serious faults further down the road.

With drivers completing a pre-trip checklist at the start of each journey, you can be sure vehicles are fit for purpose before they hit the road, fixing any problems straight away.

Mass Management

Avoid heavy penalties with real-time updates on axle group mass and onboard weighing systems.

Mass regulations are rigorously enforced in Australia and breaches can incur heavy penalties.

That’s why you need the right tools to record axle group mass for your vehicle configurations.

Ensure drivers meet requirements with real-time updates when they’re using on-board weighing systems, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and helping staff to easily generate reports.

Job Management

Integrate GPS tracking with your freight system for efficient job management and instant proof of delivery.

Create the most efficient job management process for your fleet by integrating GPS tracking with your freight management system.

Track the location of every vehicle in real-time so your drivers don’t have to log each stop.

Once a job has been completed, a proof of delivery will be sent to the invoice system immediately so you can bill customers as soon as possible.

Route Adherence

Navigate approved heavy vehicle routes efficiently while staying compliant.

Managing compliance against adherence to approved heavy vehicle routes is an ongoing challenge, with a long list of restrictions for heavy vehicles.

With tools that help drivers navigate permitted routes without compromising on efficiency, you’ll remain compliant while reducing the pressures of manual planning.


Engine Management

Optimise your fleet with real-time engine data to identify inefficiencies and pre-empt issues.

Improve your bottom line by collating and analysing engine data.

Real-time alerts on harsh driving practices will help you adhere to workplace health and safety legislation, while idling data will help identify inefficiencies in your fleet.

Monitoring engine indicators like oil pressure and coolant temperature also allow you to deal with issues before they become problems.

Fuel Rebates

Streamline fuel rebate claims with accurate, automated engine-hour data.

Claiming fuel rebates has historically been challenging for organisations with complex fleets, but engine-hour data makes it easy to track different types of driving across hundreds or even thousands of vehicles.

This eliminates the need for manual reports, using time and location data generated from your GPS system to build an accurate rebate calculation.

Satellite Communications

Keep communication lines open, even in remote locations.

When your drivers are travelling to remote locations, it’s critical to keep the lines of communication open, especially if they’re not receiving a signal on the mobile network.

Fitting vehicles with a satellite modem ensures drivers remain contactable no matter where they are, so you can respond quickly in case of an incident.


Document Management

Go paperless and send updated documents to drivers in real-time.

The cabin of a truck wasn’t designed to be a filing cabinet, so making sure drivers have all the documentation they need is a challenge.

Storing documents electronically makes life easier by minimising paperwork. You can send new or updated documents to drivers in real-time, which are downloaded automatically and viewable even when outside of network range.


Intelligent Access Program

Increase your payload and access Higher Mass Limit networks legally.

Gain a competitive edge and put more money back into your pocket by taking part in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

This national program allows you to increase your payload and gain access to Higher Mass Limit networks, which would usually be off limits. in return for monitoring compliance through our certified IAP service provider, Navman Wireless Australia Pty Limited.

We’re not just tech experts; we’re your local Cairns team committed to supporting you at every stage—pre-order, order, installation, and after-sales service. Get in touch to unlock the full potential of your fleet with Telematix4U. Contact us

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