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Elevate Your Fleet Management with TN360

The transport industry has changed. Every vehicle in your fleet is packed full of valuable data that’s ready to be used to your advantage. You just need the right tools at your disposal to obtain and interpret it. Equipping your fleet with a telematics solution that records this valuable data allows you to keep track of your vehicles, know when maintenance is needed, discover road safety violations as they occur or when a driver is due to take a rest break. Your drivers, vehicles, equipment and staff are the backbone of your entire organisation, yet without the right tools it’s difficult to have complete visibility.

With TN360, you can help your drivers plan their runsheet so they can complete tasks on time, ensure compliance, keep your customers informed and deliver the highest level of service. The platform continues to help your business remain compliant with industry legislation. The real-time flow of information is a tremendous asset in ensuring that each link in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) can comply.

TN360 provides the tools to empower your drivers to manage their obligations to compliance allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives. Driver safety has always been an important consideration and real-time updates on driver performance can help you reduce risk and highlight opportunities for necessary training. Working in the transport sector carries its own unique challenges. From staying on top of drivers and making sure vehicles are used effectively and kept in peak condition, to keeping the operation running smoothly and staying on top of expenses and scheduling. That’s why we developed TN360 – to be a fully integrated solution with everything you need to help take the load off your mind.

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Fleet Management Systems

Monitor your entire fleet in real time with our fleet management software. Between GPS location tracking for both powered and non-powered assets, fuel usage monitoring, and maintenance record management, you will always have the full picture of your assets.

  • Instantly track vehicles and equipment with vehicle mapping.
  • Get quick, reliable and auditable communication.
  • Automate compliance and dispatching with connected workflows.

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